12 September 2009

Bapa Mertua Ku

Bapa mertuaku Aziz b. Jalil telah menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di dalam kereta Pian (abang ipar aku) ketika baru nak gerak ke hospital. Kejadian sadis ini berlaku pada 10 September 2010 sekitar jam 3.00 pagi (bulan puasa).

Malam sebelum kejadian, anakku yang comel (Yasmin) tak boleh tido. Kejap-kejap bangun dan nangis-nagis. Tido malam hari tu kami semua tak lena dibuatnya. Lebih kurang 3 pagi lebih pian call isteriku...ayah dah tak dok......apa lagi kami berdua tergamam.....dan isteriku mengalirkan air mata dengan begitu deras sekali.............

Dengan pantas aku mencapai teleponku yang murah dan mendail nombor AirAsia dan MAS....last-last kami memilih AirAsia sebab dapat naik lebih cepat (kul 7.30am berlepas)...dengan tak bersahur(takde selera) kami 3 beranak berangkat ke LCCT..terima kaseh kepada zul mymy yang telah menolong hantar kami   tocceyyy zul...jangan sombongggg

(cite tak abes lagi...aku nak buat keje...nanti sambung balik)

Jenazah beliau telah disemadikan di kawasan perkuburan Sheikh Ibrahim, Kuala Terengganu. Al-Fatiha....

09 September 2009

Liverpool FC

My Favourite Club Since Young.....This some story about LFC....

When the Football League was founded in 1888, Anfield was one of League's original grounds. On September 8th 1888, the very first Saturday of League football, Anfield welcomed as visitors Accrington to play not against the 'Reds' but the 'Blues' of Everton Football Club.
The blue and white quartered shirts of Everton FC made quite a name for themselves at Anfield winning the League Championship in 1891, but this is to run ahead slightly. Both teams owe their existence to a Reverend Chambers of the then newly constructed and now totally demolished church - St Domingo, and to John Houlding - Tory MP and Mayor of Liverpool, who ultimately caused Everton FC to leave Anfield and who created Liverpool Football Club.
St Domingo's football team was a strictly amateur affair created amid the belief that young lads could better be kept on the path of religious well-being through a healthy passion for competitive team games. After only a year or so of enthusiastic play in Stanley Park, they renamed themselves Everton Football Club in honour of the location of their founding church.
The fledgling Everton played in a number of locations but settled on a greenfield site between Anfield Road and Walton Breck Road. So was born one of the great names in world football - Anfield. The team prospered and became financially sound with astute guidance from their President Mr John Houlding. John Houlding was a brewer, local council member and later Mayor of Liverpool.
For a man responsible for the development of Everton and the creation of Liverpool Football Club, it is amazing how little he is remembered. There are however a few landmarks in the area where Houlding was known as "King John of Everton". The very short 'Houlding Street' has on its corner the 'Sandon' pub. This pub was once owned by Houlding and he led many meetings of Everton Football Club from here in the bowls pavilion that existed to the rear. The place was also used as a dressing room by the players for many years. Both Everton and later Liverpool football teams were first photographed in front of this bowls pavilion.
It can be questioned whether Everton would have been one of the founding members of the Football League in 1888 without Houlding's assistance. He brought Everton to Anfield in 1884. They previously rented a little field in Priory Road, north of Stanley Park, but they were unwelcome because of the noisy crowds on match days.
So Houlding went to his friend and fellow brewer, Mr. Orrell, who owned a place in Anfield Road and conducted the business to get a new home ground. But it was from this point on that criticism of the club President started to grow from some members of the Everton board, building up to a crisis in 1892.
It was not the rent alone that annoyed the board members. Houlding also wanted only his sparkling ales to be sold at the ground, and he of course profited very considerably from this arrangement. However it was still John Houlding that helped the club out when they need money to buy players and rebuild the ground.
The Sandon's use as dressing room was an arrangement that really only suited Houlding as he again benefited from his players drinking his products. A letter in the Liverpool Echo in January 1892 suggested that Houlding didn't want the club to move out of the pub.
The writer says: "It's a disgrace that at a big club such as Everton, players have to walk through hordes of people on match days."
The conflict on how the club should be managed and conduct its business came to a to a head in 1889-90. The rent at Anfield went up again. Everton FC paid £100 in 1884. By 1889-90 Houlding was charging them £250. Houlding had many practical and realistic solutions on how they could solve this situation. One was to transform Everton into a plc. On the 15th of September 1891 he chaired a meeting about the issue.

04 September 2009

My Birthday

On 7th September is my birthday....Just 3 days more....

Birthday Wish
It’s your birthday time again
It’s true
there’s no denying,
Another year has come and gone
You know that I’m not lying
So for you, the birthday person
Here’s what I want to say
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet
In every delightful way
So happy birthday to you
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true
Even if you have a ton

03 September 2009

Italian Super Cup 2009

Italian Calcio SS Lazio crowned champions of the Italian Super Cup 2009

Samuel Eto'o, finally made his official debut with Inter, the reigning Serie A in a match against Lazio in the Italian Super Cup during its twenty-second. Eto'o was not the only player in his debut with Inter. Diego Milito and Brazilian Lucio also made their first appearances for Inter. Although neither team scored in the first half, it was clear that Lazio took the initiative, the deadline set by Biancocelesti have demonstrated their superiority over Milan. Inter have tried several times to create dangerous games, but the continuing attacks by the duo Milito and Eto'o were not enough to match the level of play offered by rivals. Always alert and ready to defend themselves, players focused on the area of Milan, Lazio approaching the area as quickly as possible, with the intention of directing powerful strikes for Inter's Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar. In fact, Caesar's defense was vital, especially in 20 minutes when Lazio Mauro Zarate kick a dangerous shot which deflected Caesar also. Lazio kept the pressure on the Italian champions, who defended themselves with all their might, while at the same time, hoping to open the scoring in his favor. The first task fell largely on the shoulders of Brazilian defender Lucio, who managed to effectively block the progress of Zarate and Tommaso Rocchi. The Nerazzurri have also launched a combination of offensive plays, with Dejan Stankovic and Sulley Muntari gave Fabricio Coloccini, Lazio goalkeeper, a difficult time. However, their attacks have been in vain; Muslera was not intimidated and was able to defend their goal. Despite continuing efforts to score a goal, the battle for the first half ended with a blank scoreboard. The second half, however, begun to see the change. Inter temporarily became the dominant team, putting pressure on his opponent. At 56 and 59 minutes, Milito and Eto'o once again made their presence felt in the field, with three consecutive attacks that brought heavy pressure on Lazio goalkeeper Muslera, but reacted with a great defensive performance. At 63 minutes, Lazio finally broke the deadlock in their favor. Zarate fired a shot that was intercepted by Matuzalem, who sent a fierce shot the ball into the back of the net. Only three minutes later, the crowd vibrated Biancocelesti after the team scored its second goal, by Rocchi. Inter, José Mourinho was forced to change the game on your computer, make several strategic replacements in midfield: the exchange of Stankovic Patrick Vieira and Mario Balotelli launch of Thiago Motta. The changes were effective, as Eto'o got through 78 minutes to transfer a target Balotelli. The other is still ready to party - and even higher - Evaluation of Lazio, and the 86th minute, the team seems to have a chance. The doorman was shot Milito Muslera slipped and ends near the net. Eto'o fired the ball into the net, but a call to rise led to the cancellation of the door. After that, the player transferred from Cameroon recently many different attempts to equalize the score, but ultimately failed. Muslera did a good job of not allowing the objectives and, finally, the game ended with a score of 2-1, Lazio crowned the champion of the Italian Super Cup for the third time.