11 Mac 2010

Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 is a smartphone from the Nokia Eseries range. It is the successor to the Nokia E71 and is based on a similar design and form factor, and offers a similar feature set. The Nokia E72 is an enterprise-based smartphone (as it is a Nokia Eseries device) and has standard features including mobile email, calendar and instant messaging amongst many others.

The Nokia E72 has a new Optical Navi Key feature as opposed to the standard D-pad used on many other Nokia devices including the Nokia E71 - this is said to improve the ease of scrolling through menus, emails, Internet browser, and images as it is an optical sensor rather than a series of closely-spaced buttons. In comparison to its predecessor, the Nokia E72 is said to have a higher level of performance (likely due to the faster 600 MHz ARM processor) and also includes a 5 Megapixel AF camera. Other changes and improvements are software-based including changes to the user interface and built-in messaging application amongst others.

The Nokia E72 was announced on June 15, 2009 at the Nokia Connections 2009 event in Singapore

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  2. aku pakai hanset ni ler skrg....tapi aku rasa nak cuba i-phone le...mcm lagi best je